Asylum Recordings - 01

 Greetings everyone! At long last this comic has found itself a proper setting in the fabric of the endless web we call the internet. It's been quite a journey bringing all the elements together to reach this point and I feel there are few notes I'd need to elaborate further on as you progress through the halls or Norembridge. Chapter 1 pages 1-15 are all done in a shifted style as you'll notice that after page 15 the comic itself takes a slightly upped appearance to the character designs, background, and overall quality.  All artist tend to shift and improve upon their designs as they progress through their craft. One example of this I remember we're early episodes of Invader Zim on nickelodeon; the character design drastically changed from it's initial stint.

   In closing though. I welcome you to Norembridge and hope you enjoy the antics ensuing above. If we're doing well may you consider supporting the website through paypal contributions (or Patreon when we get it running) with great thanks.

                                                                                                                - Sincerely, Israel Castro